Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. With some people it's all about doctrine... what does that church believe? For others it's about activities. I was once looking especially for a church with a softball team or a basketball night.  Some of you want to know what activities and study or support groups there are for you or a member of your family. Saying all that, I know that no church is right for everyone. Why should you consider New Life?
  Let me share my heart with you:
   I BELIEVE THE BIBLE in its original language, is the Word of God and contains everything necessary for salvation and guidance for Christ-like living. I do not hold up one translation as superior to all others. There are strengths and weaknesses in many popular translations and paraphrases. In my teaching of the Bible, I try to present a balanced perspective and will be upfront on questions of translation and meaning that are still debated. I do not believe anyone should claim that they understand everything perfectly.
   I BELIEVE IN GRACEOnly God holds all knowledge.  Only God is perfect.  Only God is the author and perfecter of faith.  How much our love grows is because we are allowing His love to grow in us.  He gives us faith... often it may be mustard seed size or seem childlike... but that's OK... whatever we have, we give back to Him.  Whatever trust we possess we place in Him. That's when faith and trust grow.
   I BELIEVE WE ARE FAMILY.  Yes, as humans, we were created to know the glory of God and a relationship with the Father.  But sin has fractured that family.  Those that do not know Christ are my lost brothers and sisters... so I am always holding out the Light of Truth and the Love of the Good Shepherd with a prayer that they will come home to their Lord.
   In the Christian community, the commitment to family is even stronger.  The world is to recognize our faith in God by our love for one another. So I believe we work through problems, we don't run from them.  We love one another because Christ first loved us when we were far from Him.  We long to be perfect, but we know that only fully in Christ can that be true... so we keep trusting... surrendering... obeying... learning to love one another... and we see our brothers and sisters reminding us of Jesus' love more and more.
   Come and be loved for who you are.  Come and be encouraged to become who you were meant to be.  Come and help others to know Christ and to grow in Him!  Come and find those who will listen to your story and encourage you to walk closely with the Lord in the next chapter.
   Visit us soon, or again, and let's talk.
   In the service of the King!
   Pastor Mark